A huge thank you to both Mira and Charlie for a real eye opening horse experience. I had taken horse riding lessons previously but during this interactive horse session with MiraAndes I realised how much I still had to learn. Mira and Charlie taught me so much about horses and helped me to really understand them more as herd animals. They both demonstrated to me what natural horsemanship is and the benefits it has for both horse and rider. Through lots of fun exercises like walking with the horse, liberty work and grooming I got to know each of their horses individually. After an amazing interactive session in the beautiful Hostería Papagayo we ventured out on a short ride, which I enjoyed much more given all the new horse knowledge and information that I had learnt from Mira and Charlie. I now appreciate how important it is to understand the horse on the ground before heading out on a ride.
I feel so lucky to have found this great horse experience with MiraAndes and I will never forgot it. Thanks so much girls!!

Vonnie S
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